Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets
Fachtagungen und Jurys

Wir nehmen aktiv teil an Diskus­sionen und Fach­aus­tausch über Trends und Heraus­forderungen für die Private Equity Indus­trie, sei es im Be­reich der Beziehungen zwi­schen Investoren und Fonds­managern, neuer regulator­ischer An­forderungen, oder auf­kom­mender Investitions­trends. Als Mit­glieder von Jurys, Moderatoren von Panel­diskus­sionen oder Teil­nehmer an Podiums­diskus­sionen von Private Equity Fach­tagungen sind wir dadurch stets auf dem Laufenden, können unser Port­folio an Investitions­möglich­keiten gut er­gänzen und das Netz­werk an Ge­schäfts­be­ziehungen intensiv pflegen. Unsere Kunden profitieren direkt von diesem Know-How.


Super Investor, 17 November 2015, Amsterdam

Moderation of panel: “Examining the future of blind pool fundraising – To what extent will the two and twenty model, with a ten year fund life be the means of capital gathering going forward?”

Nordic Private Equity Conference 2015, 6 November 2015, Copenhagen

Panel: “LP Perspective- Where are the big opportunities for investment in the Nordics (vs. rest of Europe), and why now?”

Swiss Private Equity Conference 2015, 10 April 2015, Zurich

Panel: “LP perspectives on the Swiss private equity market”

Super Return International, 23 & 24 February 2015, Berlin

Moderation of panel: “To dos and don’t of investing in the Mittelstand”

Moderation of panel: “LP appetite for secondaries”

European Family Office Winter Symposium, 10 February 2015, London

Moderation of panel: “Opportunities in Private Equity”


Infrastructure Investment World Deutschland 2014, 2 December 2014, Frankfurt

Panel: „Wie können sich Investoren mit wachsender Erfahrung weiterentwickeln, um Investitionsgeschwindigkeit zu steigern und effizienter zu investieren?“

Super Investor 2014, 18 November 2014, Paris

Moderation of panel: „LP accessing top-tier funds”

TVM Trendforum Vermögensmanagement 2014, 4 November 2014, Frankfurt

Panel: "DIY bei außerbörslichen Unternehmensbeteiligungen“

Super Return International 2014, 24 February 2014, Berlin

Moderation of panel: “LP perspectives on the German market”

European Family Office Winter Conference 2014, 11 February 2014, London

Moderation of panel: “Private Equity: New risks and challenges”

International Investors‘ Congress 2014, 11 February 2014, London

Moderation of panel: “How are Private Equity firms evolving?”


DACH Investment Gipfel, 26 November 2013, Frankfurt

Panel: „Alternative Anlagemöglichkeiten im Niedrigzinsumfeld“

Super Investor, 19 November 2013, Paris

Moderation of panel: “Winners and losers: How to find the right GP in a binary market? Who has a future and who do you back in the current environment? What makes a fund more marketable? Are only specialist funds sufficiently able to differentiate themselves and what is the future for generalist funds?”

Capital Creation, 17 September 2013, Monaco

Moderation of panel: “Niche secondary strategies – have they really delivered?”

European Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum, 5 June 2013, Geneva

Moderation of panel: “How have Managed Accounts grown since the Financial Crisis”

LP-GP Mid-Market Private Equity Forum, AltAssets, 23 May 2013, London

Panel: “Outlook on lower mid-market opportunities and funds from an LP perspective”

The European Mid-Market Private Equity Conference, BIE, 22 May 2013, London

Moderation of panel: “GP selection: what we look for? Is it an art or a science?”

DACH Elite Summit, 16 April 2013, Frankfurt

Panel: „Real Assets und Sustainable / Impact Investments im aktuellen Kapitalmarktumfeld“

AFIC Investors Forum, 12 March 2013, Paris

Panel: “LPs investment strategies”

Super Return 2013, 25 February 2013, Berlin

Moderator of panel: “Examining LP perspectives on Turkish private equity: what are the key opportunities and challenges”


The Private Equity Investor Relations Conference, BIE, 13 December 2012, London

Panel: „Introduction to Family Offices”

Super Investor 2012, 6 November 2012, Paris

Moderator of panel: “Where do LPs feel underserved and how do they divide up the investment world? Analysing the funds, sectors, geographies and strategies which are now core to investors’ platforms”

Capital Creation 2012, 10 September 2012, Cannes

Panel: “Co-investment dynamics: Everyone’s doing it, but are they right for investors? Or even for fund managers?”

LP-GP Infrastructure Forum, AltAssets, 9 October 2012, London

Moderator of panel: “Assessing the infrastructure asset class in 2012 and beyond”

GAIM International 2012, 20 June 2012, Monaco

Moderator of panel: „Exploring the differences between a hedge fund and a private equity investment strategy for distressed debt and which will outperform in our era of sovereign debt?”


Super Investor 2011, 15 November 2011, Paris

Moderator of panel: „What makes an LP decide not to re-up with an existing GP? Under­standing the process by which LPs rationalise their port­folios and who will the ultimate winners and losers be?”

Moderated round table discussion: “Direct Investments”

Super Return Emerging Markets, 27 June 2011, Geneva

Panel: “What are LPs looking for when they assess new managers? How can GPs ful­fill the LPs’ criteria and what are the strategies for main­taining long-term relation­ships?”

Super Return 2011, 28 February 2011, Berlin

Panel: „Examining the effects of in­creasing pressure on GPs to deploy capital as invest­ment periods come to an end: what does this mean for deals, returns and fundraising?”


The Private Equity Investor Relations Conference, BIE, 9 December 2010, London

Panel: “LP-GP relation­ship: the imp­lications of changing fund terms”

Private Equity Exchange Summit and Awards 2010, 30 November 2010, Paris

Member of the Advisory Board: selec­tion and nom­ination of the best private equity funds 2010

Super Investor 2010, 16 November 2010, Paris

Panel: “Where is inves­ment money going to come from in future and how will the demands of these new LPs be met? Over­coming the challenge of success­fully finding long-term sources of capital”

Moderated round table dis­cussion: “Lower mid-market: attractive­ness and risks”

The British Private Equity Awards 2010, Unquote, 4 November 2010, London

Member of the Advisory Panel: selec­tion and nomi­nation of the best UK private equity funds 2010

Super Return Emerging Markets 2010, 28 June 2010, Geneva

Panel: “LP strategies for manager selection”

10. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung, 22 June 2010, Munich

Panel: „Private Equity: Unter­nehmens­finanzierung durch Be­teiligungs­kapital sichern“

NEWNET Clean Energy LP – GP Meeting, 23 March 2010, London

Panel: “Clean energy invest­ments from a LP perspective”

5. Technologietag (Munich Network), 18 March 2010, Munich

Speech: „Techno­logie­in­vestitionen aus Sicht eines Fonds­investors“


EVCA – Buyout Forum, 2-3 December 2009, Paris

Panel: “Private equity model 2010: evo­lution or revolution?”

Private Equity Exchange Summit, 2 December 2009, Paris

Panel: “The new LP – GP relationship”

AFIC – La Conférence Annuelle du Capital Investissement, 7 April 2009, Paris

Panel: “Investir dans le Private Equity dans le nouvel en­vironne­ment”


8. Handelsblatt Jahres­tagung Private Equity, 28 May 2008, Munich

Speech: „Die Bedeutung aktiver Werte­ent­wicklung durch Private Equity-Unter­nehmen aus Sicht eines Fonds­investors“

IIEF – Global Share­holder Activism 7eu con­ference, 15–16 May 2008, Paris

Panel: “Mergers & acquisitions and private equity: A boom for whom?”