Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets

Europe is our home turf. The investment partners have developed the investment programmes of large institutional investors and family offices in managing functions and can demonstrate a successful 15-year investment track record.

For instance in the private equity fund portfolio of Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (then the private equity captive of Deutsche Bank AG) in the mid-nineties: while also managing the international portfolio of funds investments, one of the partners built up a significant programme of direct corporate co-investments here. Later, he actively developed the European private equity portfolio of the Harald Quandt family office, one of the largest family offices in Germany, and built up the European investment activities for the US fund-of-funds manager Auda and some of its managed accounts. We have also initiated, structured and closed direct corporate investments and joint venture projects for financial as well as strategic investors including Berlin Partner GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG Holding, Deutsche Beteiligungs-AG and Triton.

Following the spectacular growth of the last 20 years, the European private equity market has now reached maturity. Whereas buy-outs and buy-ins lead the way in Western Europe, the Eastern European markets tend to still be dominated by growth financings. We maintain personal relationships with the founders and managers of the best funds in Europe across all segments (buy-outs, growth financings, specialties such as infrastructure, renewable energy, etc...).

We invest in funds, corporates and real asset projects and purchase both fund commitments and direct corporate portfolios in the secondary market. Furthermore, we represent our investors on numerous investor advisory boards in various European countries.