Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets

As far back as the mid-nineties one partner invested on behalf of Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (then the private equity captive of Deutsche Bank AG) in US private equity funds and directly into US corporates through a significant co-investment programme.

Today, we select US fund investments for our clients as part of a global private equity programme with a focus on Europe and the Emerging Markets.

We focus on selected US buy-outs / buy-ins, growth financings and venture funds, on a primary as well as secondary investment basis. We take on co-investments on an opportunistic basis.

In the case of smaller private equity portfolio allocations to the USA we select the best US fund-of-funds managers for our clients after a detailed due diligence and in the light of the client’s goals. In both cases we follow a conservative investment strategy and use strict selection criteria.