Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets
Portfolio management

Growing transparency requirements from clients as well as increasing regulatory requirements have made professional portfolio and risk management more important than ever. Furthermore, as a result of the long-term investment horizon transparency about terms and conditions as well as professional reporting of portfolio performance are a key element in the success of the investment.

Together with our clients, we organise and optimise the management of the investment portfolio based on their specific needs and in compliance with the regulatory requirements. Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear and detailed view of the risk and return potential of the portfolio and the liquidity outlook – both at overall portfolio level and at the level of underlying individual investments. Transparency and real time availability of the relevant financial information are key to achieving this.

This information can be complemented with benchmarking using specialised external databases.

In addition, our clients can use an external risk management software and database designed for private equity investments to simulate future cash-flows and portfolio performance. The goal is to generate concrete recommendations for future action on the basis of this information.

For existing portfolios it makes sense to perform a broad and detailed analysis of the portfolio at regular intervals in order to establish the current areas of emphasis in the portfolio, the quality of the investments made to date as well as to fine tune the level of realised and expected proceeds. Occasionally, this analysis process can lead to changes in the tactical portfolio allocation.