Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets
Ambition and performance

The differences in quality between individual private equity projects, whether direct corporate or fund investments, are usually very high, and this leads as a direct result to a wide variance in achievable and realised returns. Very few other asset classes offer the same opportunities. Investors and funds managers select their target investments themselves, manage them actively and are able to decide how and when they exit their investments.

We focus on the best investment projects and funds. Accurate market knowledge and excellent networks are therefore necessary conditions for generating a wide range of high-quality investment opportunities.

Access to the best fund managers worldwide is thereby of greatest importance.

Selected investment projects are then scrutinised and analysed in detail. We aim to realise our clients' objectives over the entire lifetime of an investment project: from the selection and analysis of the project through the active management of the investment portfolio to the ultimate exit. In our eyes, this is a “conditio sine qua non” for achieving the returns that our clients are aiming for.