RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets

We provide our clients with our advisory services on the basis of an international partnership of experienced investment professionals. We build up teams of two to three professionals on a project by project basis. These teams take care of the execution of the projects. The professionals have on average 15 years of relevant investment experience in the areas of private equity and real assets investments, and have in most cases been working together for many years. The set-up of the project team is discussed in detail with the client prior to project start. If desired we are also happy to include professionals from our clients in the projects in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the client.

The project team closely coordinates the work of the external specialists taking care of the legal and tax structuring of the private equity programmes and single investments.

The same applies to IT and custody platforms, if required. Depending on the goals and needs of a specific programme, we select the best service providers and discuss them with our clients prior to project start.

Finally, we use all relevant sources of information needed to execute on our advisory mandates: specialised private equity and M&A databases, research reports from investment banks, and private equity market surveys from business federations, in addition to a risk management system specially designed for private equity investors plus our own in-house internal benchmarking database with detailed information about relevant fund managers and funds we have built up over the last two decades.