RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets

Private equity as an asset class shows a high variance in achievable returns. It is therefore very important to obtain access to the best investment opportunities. Inter­national networks are an essential pre­condition for investment success. Being part of these net­works is what makes the difference between out­standing private equity managers and the rest.

Over the last two decades we have analysed many thousands of invest­ment pro­jects and in doing so have pro­gressively built up our net­work of relation­ships with the best private equity fund managers in Europe, the USA and the Emerging Markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our invest­ment track record is evidence for that. We main­tain ongoing relation­ships with these managers based on mutual trust, not least since their performance is signifi­cantly higher and generally more sustain­able over time than the perfor­mance of other managers.

We have not limited ourselves to fund managers and projects from the buy-out/buy-in and growth financing segments but have also extended our network to take in managers who have successfully specialised in niche investment themes, for instance distressed debt, turnarounds, mezzanine, infrastructure, renewable energy or other sector-specific themes.

Finally, our contacts in the investor community also ensure a continuous and high-quality flow of investment opportunities, especially with regard to secondary transactions, direct corporate investments, and real assets projects.