RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Beratung für institutionelle Investoren und Family Offices mit Fokus auf Europa und den Emerging Märkten RIAM, RIAM Partners, RIAM-Partners, Private Equity Advisory for institutional investors and family offices with a focus on Europe and the emerging markets

We perform our advisory services within a strict ethical framework. This is the foundation for building up long-term trust-based relation­ships with clients, fund managers and other business partners.

Furthermore, our experience has taught us that sustain­able and long-­term investment strategies and models deliver the best return/risk profile. These strategies fit well with an asset class whose excess return is obtained over a longer time period.

Objective and independent advice, centred on the interests of the client, is therefore of the greatest importance. Long-term out­performance of the investment projects can only be achieved by maintaining the highest standards in the selection and analysis of the individual investment projects and subsequent active portfolio management.

Finally, we emphasise an open and interactive dialogue with our clients as well as trans­parency with regard to the invest­ment and port­folio management processes.